10 Creative Living Room Office Ideas

Home Office Decor Ideas for Living Room Office - Organized Home Office - 10 Smart Ways To Decorate Your Home Office

Everyone needs a little office space, however, if you are short on space you are in luck. I found some great home office inspiration for the living room. A living room office gives you a space to work without taking up an entire room.

Our productivity can be hindered by the space in which we work. In order to be more productive with our work we need smart organization with a splash of a relaxing clean style. These creative living room office space ideas will boost your productivity while providing a stylish environment you are sure to enjoy.

A living room office works best with your current decor so there are a few different options for you to choose from. I also give some ideas on choosing the right spot in your living room to work.

These offices are geared around being productive spaces to work while still being extremely stylish. Depending on your needs for a home office there is sure to be one that will help you plan and organize your own work space.

The goal here is to strategically hide the paperwork so you can have a clean looking living room and desk space. Hide the ugly parts of a home office and keep it well organized to tie it in with the rest of the room.

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Living Room Office Ideas

The images below are meant to give you options, exact furnishings and colors can all be changed.

Hide Files In A Bench

How to Create a Productive Office Space


If you love keeping files but hate the idea of a filing cabinet why not create a bench. This bench not only works as a filing cabinet it also helps to store office supplies. It also gives you a great spot to pin important paperwork or information too.

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Command Center Office

How to Create a Productive Office Space

If you have a small desk use the space on the wall above it. I love the chalkboard space and whiteboard calendar. It’s mixing a command center and office in one making it a great place to handle bills and plan and track family events.

Utilize a Nook

How to Create a Productive Office Space


I cannot stress how much I love this little cubby. The chalkboard paint on the walls allows for you to create and keep a calendar of upcoming events and reminders. It also gives your children a spot to draw and play while you’re hard at work. Shelving allows for you to easily store books, paperwork, and files.

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Use Pretty Folders To Hide Paperwork

How to Create a Productive Office Space


Using the space above your desktop allows for easy reach and file organization. File paperwork, notebooks, or anything else you need and keep it in easy reach in pretty folders like these. This will keep you well organized and keep your living room office in style with your decor.

Easy Dry Erase Board To Do List

How to Create a Productive Office Space 5

I love the idea of a dry erase to do list. Create your own by taking a dollar store frame, putting a cute design inside of it and setting it on your desk. No more lost papers of your to do list. No more extra trash when it’s completed. Set it on your desk and complete the tasks one by one.

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Use Accent Pieces In The Office Space

How to create a productive office space

This is my personal favorite of the creative office space ideas. The acrylic calendar is perfect for easily tracking your plans yet doesn’t take up space on your desktop. You can get a plain one for fairly inexpensive on Amazon and use washi tape on the back side to create the calendar effect.

Match Shelving With Wall Color

How to Create a Productive Office Space 7

I love the organized simplicity of this office space. A dry erase board sectioned off with washi tape. A calendar hanging on the wall a file organizer and plenty of shelf space make this an organized mama’s dream come true.

Matching the drawers and shelving to the wall color will make the large pieces blend in to the wall. This will help to cut down on making a space feel limited and instead make it feel larger.

Turn the Desk Towards The Room

How to Create a Productive Office Space 8

If you spend a lot of time in your living room office this makes for a great route. This creates a definite separation between office and living room.

Again an acrylic dry erase board sectioned off with washi tape makes for a wonderful way to stay organized. In this case however she uses post its. This makes moving tasks from one day to the next a breeze.

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Grab A Corner

How to Create a Productive Office Space 9

This makes for a fantastic homework or study station. Bright and simple yet efficient. Not a lot of distraction but a great place to pin homework, notes, or study guides to.

Setting up a small desk in a corner of the living room keeps you from completely taking over your living space with work.

Keep It Light and Fresh

How to Create a Productive Office Space


Matching desktop accessories makes a great environment for this desk. Add a pin board and a dry erase board and you are staying organized with minimal effort.

Your office space should be a place you enjoy being in. It’s important to make it your own. It’s important to turn it into a functional and comforting environment for you.

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Home Office Decor Ideas for Living Room Office - Organized Home Office - 10 Smart Ways To Decorate Your Home Office


4 thoughts on “10 Creative Living Room Office Ideas”

  1. Love your sight!!! I’m 72 with a huge family (I had eight kids) and love decorating but have lost touch with currant trends. I have only seen two of your postings but love all of the diversity of ideas. I cannot waite to share some of these with my ideas with family and friends……Thanks! Kay

  2. I’ve finally made the decision to work from home full time this year and definitely needed these tips. I’m so excited to get my little office set up for good and try to create a space that still feels somewhat separate from the distractions of my home. I’m going to start it off with a carpet cleaning to reset and freshen up the space. Thank you so much for sharing.

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