Easy Iced Coffee With No Hard To Get Syrups

4 Ingredient Iced Coffee - Delicious Iced Coffee Recipe - Simple Iced Coffee Recipe

I’m a sucker for iced coffee drinks. For the longest time I would grab my Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato every morning before work. It became like clockwork, summer or winter. Then one day I went through the math of it all.

Five iced coffee drinks a week for a year straight was about $312 a year. It’s not much and it wasn’t like I couldn’t afford it. However, $312 on top of lunch purchases, and a night out once a week ended up being a lot of money I was spending unnecessarily.

So I set out to find a coffee drink I could make that was easy to make with ingredients I regularly had in the house without spending loads of money. What I came up with tastes like an iced mocha but doesn’t have that thick sugar taste to it.

It’s not the iced caramel macchiato and from time to time I still splurge, however, it’s an inexpensive delicious iced coffee drink I enjoy all summer long.

Iced Coffee That Saves Money

There are only 4 ingredients to make my iced coffee, it’s brewed coffee, ice, milk – nut, soy, or dairy, and chocolate syrup.

I keep these ingredients in my house and the one thing that may not be in yours is cheap to obtain – the chocolate syrup.

Since my first time making this coffee drink, and the blended option – which is at the bottom of this post – for those super hot summer days, I’ve kept chocolate syrup in my house as a staple.

Easy Iced Coffee Step 1

Why Save Glass Jars

I prefer to use a jar with a lid because it makes mixing it much easier but you can use a spoon to mix if a jar isn’t available or you’re using a regular glass. Just mix the chocolate and the milk then add the ice and coffee.

I use glass spaghetti sauce jars that I’ve cleaned out well. I can easily wash them in the dishwasher and they have a wide enough opening to fit ice. Then I just stick one of my metal straws in them and enjoy.

To get the glue off glass jars simply run the jar under the hottest water you can for a few minutes. Use a paper towel with a bit of olive oil on it to rub the glue away. It does take a bit of elbow grease to remove it but it works nicely.

If you aren’t interested in putting in a bit of effort in cleaning or don’t use glass spaghetti jars these bell jars work nicely too.

Easy Iced Coffee

I use hot brewed coffee for the coffee in this recipe. It’s a great way to use up leftover coffee from the morning too, but that’s best for early afternoon consumption. If the coffee sits for too long there is a bitter taste to it – not that it’s bad for you – it’s just more bitter.

During summer I will set my coffee to brew early in the morning and by the time I get out of bed around 8 am I’m able to mix up a quick iced coffee instead of having a hot cup of coffee.

Easy Iced Coffee Step 2


  • Brewed Coffee
  • Ice To Fill A Jar
  • Half Jar or Glass full of milk – less or more as desired.
  • A generous squeeze of chocolate syrup to your liking.


  1. First, fill your jar with ice. Add milk and chocolate syrup to your desired levels.
  2. Next, add brewed coffee, place cover on jar, and shake till blended well.
  3. Add straw and enjoy.
Easy Iced Coffee Step 3

Premake The Coffee

Another trick of mine is to brew about 4-5 cups of coffee and fill 2 or 3 jars with the brewed coffee. Those jars go in the fridge and are great to grab iced coffee all day as needed. 

This is perfect for the summer when it’s too hot to drink hot coffee in the morning.

Blended Iced Mocha

To make a blended version of this drink simply freeze the coffee in ice cube trays first. Then add one cup of frozen coffee, one cup of milk, and a generous squeeze of chocolate syrup. Blend and enjoy a frozen coffee drink that’s sure to cool you down and give you the caffeine boost you need.

Do you have a super easy way to make iced coffee? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite drinks and coffee boards.

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4 Ingredient Iced Coffee - Delicious Iced Coffee Recipe - Simple Iced Coffee Recipe


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