How To Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist - How To Deep Clean A Bedroom - Cleaning Tips and Tricks For Bedrooms

The bedroom is the most overlooked room in the home when it comes to deep cleaning. Probably because the only time we spend in the room is when we are unconscious. However, we are still breathing in dust and allergens in our sleep so the room needs a deep cleaning regularly.

Deep cleaning your bedroom goes beyond just making sure the bed has clean sheets and your clothes are hung nicely in your closet. Deep cleaning your bedroom is just as intense as deep cleaning a kitchen or a bathroom.

This post can serve as a guide for getting the bedrooms in your home deep cleaned so your family can stay healthy.

How Often To Deep Clean Your Bedroom

I personally like to do a slightly more intense cleaning of my room at least once a month where I dust everything that’s reachable and vacuum in all the nooks and crannies. This helps me to go longer in between my deep cleaning efforts.

You spend 6-8 hours of your daily life in your master bedroom. This is typically more time than any other room in the home. 

Since you spend the majority of your time in your bedroom I recommend deep cleaning it at the start of each season or every three months.

Now, for a guest bedroom that isn’t used all that often, you could probably get away with deep cleaning it twice a year or just before guests arrive. 

Then there are the kids rooms. Kids rooms should probably be deep cleaned once a month on top of regular daily cleanings. If your kid takes snacks or drinks into the room it’s important to make sure it’s deep cleaned regularly.

Keep in mind that depending on your kids age they might just end up being in charge of their own deep cleaning with guidance or an inspection done by you. Deep cleaning skills are important for your child to learn and prepare for when they are out in the world on their own.

A bedroom with clothes strewn on the bed and floor

Deep Clean Bedroom Checklist

Below is my own deep cleaning checklist for the bedrooms in my home. I typically like to create my lists as step by steps because I am more likely to stay on track that way.

Clear The Clutter

The first thing I do in almost any deep cleaning is clear the clutter that’s piled up. Put everything away where it belongs and get rid of anything you no longer need.

Sometimes I’ll give myself a mani or pedi in my bedroom. Unfortunately I don’t always remember to put away my nail bin that holds all my files, clippers, and nail polish. This nail bin gets tucked into my nightstand and stays there until it’s time to deep clean.

If you notice that something ends up in your room often, like a manicure and pedicure bin, consider giving it a dedicated spot in your room. Finding spots for regular used items in the area where you use them helps you to keep your rooms cleaner longer. 

Dust Ceiling Fixtures

After you clear out the clutter and have everything put away start the cleaning process by dusting your ceiling fixtures. Here are my favorite ways to clean light fixtures.

  • Use a pillow case to pull dust from the ceiling fan blades.
  • Remove light covers and wash with dish soap.
  • Use glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth on any other type of glass fixture.

Cobwebs, dust, and other allergens will sit and collect on light fixtures. A gust of wind will knock these free and cause allergies to act up.

Vacuum Ceiling To Get Rid Of Cobwebs

Instead of knocking dust on the ground and to move around the air where it will eventually settle back on furniture, in corners, and on your bed, I prefer to use the extension on my vacuum to clean my ceilings.

Using a vacuum to get rid of dust and cobwebs helps to avoid the additional cleaning step of cleaning off dusting wands, or needing to dust again the next day when the dust finally settles again.

Remove Clothing From Dressers And Clean The Inside

This step may or may not be necessary. I like doing this because I have animals in my house and well, regardless of how much I clean their hair is everywhere. So at least once a year I empty my dresser and clean out inside of it.

This also gives me a chance to go through all my clothes and actually get rid of things I just don’t wear anymore.

Strip Bed and Flip or Turn Your Mattress

Any dust or cobwebs that may have escaped your rags or vacuum may have now landed on your bed and on your sheets. Now is the time to strip your bed and flip or turn your mattress.

Flipping or turning your mattress regularly makes your mattress last longer. You more evenly spread your use over the entire mattress instead of breaking down just one or two portions of your mattress.

Clean Your Mattress

If you are flipping your mattress I recommend doing this before and after the flip. If you are just turning you can do this after the turn. I personally just spread baking soda over my mattress and use a dry scrub brush to push it into the mattress.

I typically let that sit and just before I start the process of dusting my furniture I’ll vacuum my mattress really well. If there are stains I recommend spot cleaning your mattress with something like this.  

Clean Blinds and Drapes

Depending on the types of blinds you have in your bedroom will determine how you clean them. For most blinds you can save removal and soaking in the bathtub for Spring or Fall cleaning, a simple dusting will suffice for your monthly deep cleaning.

Check out my post on how to clean different types of blinds here.

Dust and Vacuum Out Your Closet

It doesn’t matter if you have a small closet or a large walk in closet you will want to get in there and dust or vacuum out your closet. Take this time to also go through your clothes to pull out anything you no longer want.

Dust Your Furniture

Since most of the dusting and cleaning of the higher up areas in your room are done, go ahead and dust and polish your furniture as necessary. Remember to polish down the sides and in each groove.

Wash Windows and Mirrors

I like using vinegar to clean my windows because it works wonders on removing sticky fingerprints and leaving your windows streak free. However, to deep clean your window you may need something a bit stronger. 

When you deep clean your windows you are likely removing your screens and cleaning out the tracks and trays in your windows. You’ll want an all purpose cleaner for this cleaning. Make sure you also clean the window frames of your windows. 

Get your mirrors shining with just plain water and a microfiber cloth. Getting a streak free mirror has less to do with the product and more to do with the pressure you use. A bit of pressure can remove and keep your mirrors streak free.

Move Furniture Out From Walls And Vacuum

This is the hardest part of the deep cleaning session in your bedroom. Bedroom furniture is typically larger and heavier than any other furniture in your home. You will want to have some help around for this task.

Move your furniture completely out of the way and vacuum the floor. Make sure you get those baseboards dusted and cleaned as well. While you’re cleaning baseboards make sure you also spot clean your walls to get rid of any marks on them.

You can also take this time to disinfect any high use areas as well. Clean light switches, door knobs, drawer knobs, to kill germs and keep your family healthier.

Make Your Bed and Enjoy

Once you move the furniture back it’s finally time to make the bed and enjoy your room. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and kick back on your bed with a book, movie, or TV show of your choosing and relax.

A Clean bedroom with a made bed

Deep Cleaning Your Bedroom

Deep cleaning your bedroom is no joke. With this step by step guide though your room will be clean and free of allergens. Germs will have been killed and you will be a happier and healthier family.

As previously mentioned deep clean your room at the start of every season to keep your room looking cleaner between your weekly cleanings. 

How often do you deep clean your bedroom? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite cleaning boards.

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Bedroom Cleaning Checklist - How To Deep Clean A Bedroom - Cleaning Tips and Tricks For Bedrooms


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  1. Urgh! My son’s bedroom was such a mess when I inspected it last night. That’s it, I must ask him to get a cleaner to help him restore its condition immediately. At the same time, shout out to you for acknowledging the fact that deep cleaning is something we must do on a monthly basis.

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