How To Make Bohemian Decor Earthy and Modern

I’m a hippy at heart, even though I was born several years too late. So when it comes to home decor I absolutely love a bohemian look. My husband however, he likes a more modern look.

I started looking for ways that we could both be happy with the style in our home. I found a lot of inspiration and I’m sharing it with you today.

In this post we are going to look at how you can have a bohemian look in your home while keeping it neutral for a spouse that isn’t too fond of the typical bohemian look.

This post is about having an earthy, relaxed, and comfortable bohemian look that is specific about the types of fabrics, patterns, and colors chosen.

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Bohemian Rooms That Are Modern And Earthy

There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind when you are creating a more modern bohemian decor.

Bohemian decor typically uses loads of bright colors and patterns. When you want to make it more modern and earthy you will most likely pick deep greens, oranges, deep blues, grey, and maybe some red.

These colors will lend well to the bohemian style of the decor while still allowing for you to keep it clean and modern.

Another thing to keep in consideration is your furniture choices. Going with a more mid century style will give your room a more modern feel without clashing with the bohemian look of a room.

Below are some of my top picks for modern and earthy bohemian decor.

Give It A Splash Of Color


As in the photo above you can see there is a lot of neutral, greys, whites and beige colors in this living room. By adding the terracotta orange in the planters and the pillow it really warms the environment.

Adding lots of plants helps to keep the room inviting and earthy too.

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Make A Statement


In this living room they decorated with a royal rich blue sofa to immediately grab your attention. By adding straight lines, geometric shapes, and gold to the room it keeps the richness while adding a modern flair.

The patterns and different fabrics in the pillows really brings in the quirky and earthy part of bohemian decor. It blends perfectly with the more modern pieces like the gold lamp and gold and glass coffee table.

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Add Small Modern Touches


Bohemian decor lends well to layering of rugs, using live wood edges, and adding greenery. They modernized their dining room by adding a gold light fixture, a gold and green bench, and a circular statement shelf on the wall.

This dining room embraces eclectic styles in bohemian decor but adds touches of mid century modern to unify the two styles.

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Stick With One Family of Colors


Typically bohemian decor has lots of bright colors to it and lots of different patterns. You can make bohemian decor modern by keeping the patterns but only sticking to one family of colors.

In the room above they use the burnt orange as their color of choice. By using it on the sofa and the run then pairing whites and softer orange and gold colors in the patterns they brilliantly combine the modern and bohemian styles.

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Keep It Cozy With Denim


What’s great about this room is how effortless and inviting it looks. The denim sofa looks like a cozy environment to just sit and relax on. The layering of rugs and different patterns in the pillows really bring home the boho feel.

The modern accents to this room are the table and the lamps. This blending of modern with boho is perfectly achieved here.

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Layer Your Rugs


Layering different patterns and sizes in rugs really brings in the bohemian effect to cover a hard floor space.

In this room you see that most of the colors are neutral on the walls and in the furniture. Adding bright rugs to the space helps to warm it up while keeping the overall modern feel still present.

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Add Plants


By adding lots of green plants to a room you can really bring an earthy feel to a room. In the picture above you see bohemian style in a raw wood pallet table and cozy fabrics in the blanket, rug, and pom footstool.

The plants really bring an added layer of comfort to the room while the straight lines and geometric shapes in the rug can make the room feel more modern.

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Soften Sharp Modern Looks With Fabric


The modern style furniture in this room was softened by adding fake fur accents, cozy rugs, and lots of pillows. While the room lacks colors the different patterns in the pillows brings out the bohemian vibe in this living room.

Keeping a room black and white is a very modern look but keeping the fabrics soft can blend boho with modern and make a room feel inviting and comfortable.

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Choose Woven Accents


This room features lots of soft woven materials in baskets, floor cushions, rugs, and blankets. Adding woven accents to a room bring warmth and comfort in a hygge kind of way.

It softens the straight lines in the burnt orange leather sofa and the hard lines of the white coffee table. The soft fabrics bring that bohemian look to a modern decor without overdoing it.

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Make A Small Apartment Cozy And Functional


If your living space is small you can embrace bohemian while making it a modern and functional space. Adding live wood edges in a TV stand, using wicker baskets in a modern shelf, foregoing the coffee table for a small stool, all add function to this room.

Adding soft fabrics and patterns instantly softens the more modern pieces of the room turning it into a beautiful blend of these two popular styles.

Adding A Bohemian Twist On Modern Decor

Remember, to bring in some bohemian style to a modern home doesn’t mean you have to add lots of color. Stick to one stand out color and use soft fabrics, woven fabrics, and layering of rugs is enough to add that boho style.

Picking more mid century style furniture and statement pieces while adding lots of plants and soft accents can really turn a room from cold and modern to warm and inviting.

Which room is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite home decor boards.

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