10 Cute Playroom Ideas For Kids

10 Super Cute Playroom Ideas For Kids - Small Space Play Room Ideas - Playroom Ideas For Bedroom, Basement, Living Room

When I was a kid I had my very own playroom and I loved it. As I’m going through ways I can provide the same experience to my kid I’m looking for playroom ideas we can incorporate into small spaces in our home. 

My playroom was in a finished basement. There was a bar area where I could store toys, games, and all sorts of things. My room stayed a lot cleaner because all my little toys were downstairs.

Right now all my 7 year old has is a bedroom where all his toys are stored. Let’s just say it’s lacking a bit of organization and it gets messy really fast. I want to provide a nice place for my son to play that won’t leave me aggravated by the mess he will likely produce.

Playroom Ideas For Kids

I like a playroom that has plenty of storage to organize toys while also providing plenty of floor space for my kid to play in so he doesn’t bring his mess into other areas of the home. When I was looking through playroom ideas I was picking elements from different rooms so that I can combine and create my own.

Below are 10 playroom ideas that I’m using to help plan out the ultimate playroom that will grow with my son. I’d like for this area to still provide space so my son can do his schooling in the room as well.

Magnetic Wall

This magnetic wall is a great idea for my son to play with learning magnets. Be it the alphabet magnets like this or learning magnets for sentence structure the magnet wall can grow with my son as he learns new things.

Reading Nook

My son loves to read so having a reading nook would be an important part to include in our playroom. Something like this could work built on it’s own and planned or by using a closet that you don’t need in a basement. 

Corner Market

If you want to go all out for your kid, which of course I do, you can build a house and market area for pretend play like this grandmother did. I personally love the idea of creating a small market or pretend play kitchen area where my son can pretend to cook or shop.

Activity Area

This activity area is great for the active kid. I personally would put something like this in a bedroom making the top area a bed. It’s something he can use for several more years until we have to change things up due to his age.

The desk underneath provides a useful homeschool space in his room so he can have quiet time doing his school work. Check out our current homeschool space here.

A Modern Playroom

This playroom idea is great for smaller kids however you can enlarge it a bit to give your kids an indoor activity park in the home. If you live in an area where outdoor play isn’t possible year round this can help your kid to burn off that extra energy all year long.

Organized Basement Playroom

This basement playroom offers organization, activity, pretend play, creative play, and a reading space all in one. Your kid will likely never get board in this basement with everything they need all in one spot. 

Under the Stairs Playroom

If you are short on space in your home incorporating unused spaces is a great way to provide a playroom. This family decided to put a playroom under their stairs in the living room. It’s a small space that allows for toys and play without taking up valuable living space the whole family needs to use.

Chalkboard Wall

I’ve known I’ve wanted to do a chalkboard wall for ages. The chalkboard wall is something that will grow with the kid. They can use it to draw when they are little, take notes as they get older, and have friends leave notes when they are teens. A chalkboard wall is a necessity for any kid’s room or play area.

Bohemian Playroom

I love the neutral bohemian style in a playroom. It seems very relaxing while also styled in a way that won’t disrupt the style of the rest of the home. Additionally, the bohemian style can grow with the child. I love the tent with comfortable floor seating in this playroom.

Corner Play Area

Finally, if all you have is space in their room to create a play area, this corner area is an organized option that allows you to keep books, toys, and other items organized. It also doesn’t look cluttered for a small space.

Cute Playroom Ideas

I personally love the way these playrooms look. I’ll be taking a few ideas from each of these rooms to create a playroom that my son will likely love for years to come. I’m sure once we get started on this project I will make sure to post updates on the blog here.

What elements do you plan on adding to your kid’s playroom? Let me know in the comment below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite kids rooms boards.

10 Super Cute Playroom Ideas For Kids - Small Space Play Room Ideas - Playroom Ideas For Bedroom, Basement, Living Room

Small Space Play Room Ideas - Playroom Ideas For Bedroom, Basement, Living Room - 10 Super Cute Playroom Ideas For Kids

Playroom Ideas For Bedroom, Basement, Living Room - 10 Super Cute Playroom Ideas For Kids - Small Space Play Room Ideas


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