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Imagine this, you are at the park with your kids and suddenly your child falls and scrapes up their knee. They are crying, you are soothing them the best you can but you need to get their cut clean and bandaged.

Now imagine digging through your purse trying to find the first aid products you have somewhere in the mess. Your child is calm but wants to go play and you’re frantically digging through your purse for something to clean up the bloody scrape and bandage it.

What if you had a compact first aid kit for your purse? What if it was no bigger than a wallet and held bandages, antiseptic, gauze, medical scissors, and everything you need to take care of small injuries? Well, there is and it’s the PreparaKit Travel First Aid Kit.

First Aid Kit For Purse

We have a love hate relationship with the energy our children have. While this energy makes them enthusiastic in learning it also makes them little dare devils that get hurt.

Having a travel first aid kit that fits into your purse gives you peace of mind knowing you can handle the small injuries quickly so your kid can get back to playing.

The PreparaKit Travel First Aid Kit holds everything you need in a small easy to fold case that’s just a little wider than your wallet.

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Every Mom Needs This In Their Mom Purse 2

Smallest First Aid Kit

This tiny kit is compact yet complete with everything you could need to tend to minor injuries.

It’s less than two inches thick, less than six inches long, and less than 4 inches wide. When all wrapped up it has a nice pocket for holding additional items or even used items till you can throw them away properly. This is the best first aid kit for portability.

Every Mom Needs This In Their Mom Purse 7
Every Mom Needs This In Their Mom Purse 8

When unrolled there are 4 separate compartments that hold everything you need in a First Aid Kit.

The first compartment holds adhesive bandages of different sizes. These can easily be refilled as needed with your box of bandaids at home.

Every Mom Needs This In Their Mom Purse 10

In the second compartment you have triple antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, and burn cream. There are latex free adhesive bandages and non adhesive bandages. There are also a couple of stickers to help make your child feel better.

Every Mom Needs This In Their Mom Purse 11

In the third compartment there are a couple of antiseptic towelettes and blistex. Also you have wet ones towelettes, one time use thermometers, and a cotton tipped applicator.

Finally in the final compartment there is a zippered pocket with adhesive tape, scissors, clippers, safety pins and a pair of tweezers.

Every Mom Needs This In Their Mom Purse 9

Cheap First Aid Kit

The price of this compact first aid kit is extremely affordable. While it comes filled with everything you need you don’t have to worry about repurchasing the kit when you need more supplies.

You can easily refill the supplies you most need into the handy canvas bag to reuse it.

This also makes a great item to add to a baby registry too. It’s cheap enough that people can treat it as an add on while also giving you a little something extra.

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Every mom needs to carry this in their purse. Feel secure in knowing you are prepared for the needs of your active child and any other children who may be playing in the park.

Every Mom Needs This In Their Mom Purse 3

We may not always be prepared for everything, I know I’m not. This at least makes me feel like I’m fully prepared for any minor injuries that may occur while my child plays hard in the park.

Everything you could possibly need in a first aid kit wrapped up nicely and easy to find in a purse. As moms we always have to be prepared. This makes it easy to take care of scrapes and cuts so your kid can get back to playing and you can get back to relaxing. It really is the best first aid kit for moms.

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