8 Family Command Center Ideas For Busy Moms

The family command center is the hub of your home. If you don’t already have one, create one. This is the one must have addition to the home that really makes the busy mom life easier. Organize everything from school events, bills, all the way to meal planning in one spot.

Creating a command center in your home is all about figuring out the needs of your family and deciding what takes priority in your every day organization tasks.

If you are in a home with younger children you may want to include chore charts or homework charts to help them stay on top of that. If your kids are good with their homework and chores or you don’t have kids you may prefer a place to keep track of events and bills.

What To Include In Your Family Command Center


You must include a calendar. Get yourself a large white board like this one. You can tape out lines with pretty washi tape or draw out lines for your monthly calendar. Here is an awesome DIY for framing your whiteboard to make it match your decor.

Meal Plan

Create a meal plan printable to frame and write with dry erase marker on to stop the dinner time arguments and let your family know you’ve got dinner covered.

Mail Catcher

Stop dropping mail on your kitchen table or kitchen counter. Put the mail in a basket at your family command center. This keeps your counters clear of anxiety inducing clutter. You can always go through the mail later when it’s more convenient for you.

I have a few more recommendations on items you need to create your own command center.

8 Command Centers That Help Busy Moms

8 Command Center Ideas

A dry erase calendar is a must have in any command center. The one pictured above has an awesome creative flair to it. You can easily make one like this by getting a picture frame putting fabric or a printed design inside the frame. Draw the calendar directly on the glass.

8 Command Center Ideas

The daily chalk board chore chart is a brilliant addition to this family command center. Not only is it a great way to keep track of your daily chores, it’s a great way to tell the other members of your house what needs to be done.

8 Command Center Ideas

I love the modern feel of this family command center. The wire racks make for an easy place to quickly store things needed without forcing you into filing daily. A clean dry erase board to leave notes, messages, or reminders for each member of the family makes for a necessary addition to any command center.

8 Command Center Ideas

I love the simplistic yet colorful design of this command center. The beauty of a command center is you can make it however you need to fit your family. This family uses a monthly and weekly calendar. The large magnetic board has plexiglass over the top making the chalk markers easy to use and see.

8 Command Center Ideas

Family command centers can go anywhere where you have extra space. This particular command center is on the side of a fridge. She has weekly charts for each child so they can keep track of their must do daily activities. Washi Tape creates the main calendar with washi tape covered magnets for easy moving of the dates each month.

8 Command Center Ideas

I loved the use of chalkboard paint on this command center. It turned a small unusable space into an efficient place for the entire family. Clipboards hang on the wall holding menus and recipes. File folder holders create a bright place to hold mail and magazines.

Chalk board paint is a fantastic way to set up a productive office space too.

8 Command Center Ideas

Having a place to incorporate some of your childrens artwork in a command center definitely helps to let them feel included in this important part of your everyday life. The two month calendar makes planning for future events a breeze.

Check out my post 10 Creative Home Office Ideas.

8 Command Center Ideas

Having two fabric covered pin boards makes for an awesome place to pin important papers, invitations, or any other paperwork. Two month calendars and a basket for each member of the family makes planning and staying organized a breeze.

All you need to remember when setting up your own command center is to make it work for you. If you are not a menu planning family then don’t feel like you need to put a menu plan up. If you need a place to stay on top of bills create a system that works for you. Command centers can be whatever is best for your family.

Try setting up one in your home, or set up one for your family and one in your home office. Command centers are customizable, have fun with it. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this for inspiration and check out my other posts on command centers below.


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