12 Beautiful Beachy Bedrooms

I’ve been dreaming of a beach getaway for weeks now. To be honest I’ve been dreaming of moving to the beach and just spending the rest of my days soaking up as much vitamin D as possible.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who can relate to this feeling right now as we’ve spent several months locked up in our homes. While we might not be in a place to move to the beach now or any time soon, we can at least decorate our homes to make it feel like we are at the beach.

Today, I’m running through some of my favorite beach bedroom decor designs and picking out the things I love most about each design. You can use them as inspiration for designing your own beach house getaway in your bedroom.

A White Canopy


Sheer, white canopies add an instant beachy feel to any bedroom. I love how this room mixes natural wood tones with a pop of navy blue. I like there are only a couple of decorative pieces in the room but they add a great finishing touch.

A Rustic Headboard


The rustic headboard in this room is a beautiful touch to a simplistic and almost bohemian beachy vibe. The rich brown tone pairs beautifully with the cool greys used in the pillows and blankets. The black and white seascape picture keeps the cool look that highlights the few splashes of rich browns in the room.

Natural Woven Accents


I love the clean lines paired with soft ruffles and smooth fabrics on the bed. The natural woven headboard, blinds, and bench are the perfect warm tone to compliment the icy blue in the pillows.

Minimalist Beach


This room is so simple and it’s absolutely beautiful. This is the type of room that I just want to spend hours reading in. It’s a comfortable, clean, and simplistic look to use in a bedroom.

Use Cool Tones


I love the mixture of blues in this room. The blend of navy and cobalt blues is perfect in this beachy bedroom. The stools at the end of the bed with the thin throws is another perfect beachy touch.

Denim and Ship-lap


The denim style pillows, navy blue dresser, and mixed blue woven rug are perfect paired with the white shiplap on the walls. There is just enough of natural fiber in the lighting fixture and blinds to bring out the beachy feel in this room.

Organized Clutter


I love the clutter in this room. The seashells on the shelf behind the farmhouse style bed really brings out the beachy farmhouse vibes in this bedroom. It’s like you’re walking into a cottage on the shore and are preparing for a week long getaway from the stress in your life. 

A Unique Lighting Fixture


This lighting fixture looks like hundreds of tiny seashells. It’s a beautiful compliment to a beach toned sky blue bedroom. I like the use of sky blue and gold in the side table lamps paired with the navy blue and white bench at the end of the bed.

Stripes Draw The Eyes


I like how the stripes pull the eyes from the bottom of the bed and point them to the top and the centerpiece on the wall in the room. I like how the majority of the room is in neutral tones but with splashes of navy in the pillows, and turquoise in the lamps. 

Transitional Beach Bedroom


Transitional style is a blend between timeless traditional styles with modern clean lines. In this room we see some of the more traditional types of carving in the wood of the headboard and bench at the bottom of the bed paired with turquoise colorings. It’s a stunning blend of classic traditional style with clean lines and beachy tones.

Modern Beach Look


The clean lines in the lamp, frames, and bed are the perfect modern touches to this beachy styled room. I love the use of blue tones in both the pillows and pictures while also pairing them with neutral tones in the throw and bedding.

Earthy Turquoise Blend


Turquoise is quite possibly one of my favorite colors to decorate with partially because it pairs so well with earthy tones like in this room. The headboard, chair, and rich oranges and browns in the pictures and bookshelf really bring out the beauty of the turquoise in the room.

Beach House Bedrooms

Your bedroom should have it’s own unique styling that allows for you to get the feel you want for your room. Be it a reading retreat, a spa get away, or just a simple beachy look. 

What type of look are you going for in your beach bedroom? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite beach decor boards.

Modern Beach Decor - Dream Beach House Bedrooms - Beach House Interior Decor

Beach House Bedroom Decor - Beach Cottage Bedroom Decor - Beach and Coastal Decor

Dream Beach House Bedrooms - Beach House Interior Decor - Modern Beach Decor

Beach Cottage Bedroom Decor - Beach and Coastal Decor - Beach House Bedroom Decor

Beach House Interior Decor - Modern Beach Decor - Dream Beach House Bedrooms

Beach and Coastal Decor - Beach House Bedroom Decor - Beach Cottage Bedroom Decor

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