11 Stylish Boho Chic Living Rooms

Bohemian Decor For Living Rooms - Boho Decor Ideas - Boho Chic Living Room Decor Ideas

I’ve always enjoyed the look of bohemian decor. Every room is unique and reflects the personal styles of the owners well. Bohemian decor has a cozy cluttered look with focuses on comfortable fabrics, patterns, and colors.

Boho chic decor typically uses more earthy colors with a couple of splashes of bright colors in pillows, throw blankets, or art work on the walls.

Boho chic provides all the fun and interesting sides of boho decor while simultaneously bringing in comfortable and earthy vibes in clean lines and natural wood and woven elements. It’s a beautiful blend. 

Lots Of Plants

A simple boho chic styled living room with a grey sofa, colorful striped pillows, woven baskets hanging on the wall and plenty of plants.


I like to see lots of plants in a bohemian room. Plants are the perfect type of clutter to have in any room because it’s a beautiful earthy vibe. In this room I like how the plants are placed from the floor all the way to the ceiling. 

Use Bright Colors

A bright burnt orange sofa with a blue fuzzy rug and bohemian patterns in pillows and a unique coffee table with blue spots. Living room has built in shelves that have lots of books, plants, pictures, and knick knacks displayed.


Bright colors in rooms with white walls and plain flooring is a fantastic way to bring in boho chic decor. In this room I love the softness of the blue rug paired with the bright orange sofa. 

Go Pink

A boho chic living room that uses plenty of pink coloring. A gallery wall features more pink, green and navy blue modern and geometric prints.


I love the use of different colors of pink in this room. For the seating area you have a beautiful day bed with loads of different pillows, fabrics, and patterns. I love the setup of the gallery wall in the corner to draw the eyes up from the bright and crisp patterns on the floor.

Create An Interesting Focal Piece

A dark grey sofa with neutral colored pillows and patterns in front of a sofa table. The sofa table has books, magazines, plants, and knick knacks on it and above it is a gallery wall of woven baskets.


Hanging decorative baskets on the wall is a great way to create a focal piece in your living space. Paired with a sofa sofa table filled with books and plants it uses clutter as decoration that doesn’t look like typical messy clutter.

Use Earth Tones

An earth toned boho chic styled living room with an off white sofa with a wooden frame. Plants in the corners of the room and natural light coming in from the windows. A big floor pillow that looks soft to the touch is across from the sofa.


This room has a comfortable look to it because of the neutral coloring paired with earthy oranges and reds. The mix of patterns in the rugs and pillows is what makes this room boho and the straight lines add chicness to the decor.

Mix Patterns

A bold boho chic styled living room with lots of sharp geometric patterns in a rug and pillows. Lots of colors are used in the accessories all over this room with a blue sofa and an orange lounger.


This room is all about mixing different patterns and colors to create a colorful and bright room that lifts the spirits. It feels like the room was decorated around the picture hanging on the wall. 

Mix Cool And Warm Colors 

Cool grey small sectional sofa with a modern style coffee table and two chairs with an end table. Boho style patterns and colors in pillows and rugs. Lots of plants all over the room with lots of natural light coming in from windows.


The cool grey and cool greens mix really well with the warm woods, oranges, and terracotta colors in this room. I feel this room modeled after a nature retreat to make a beautiful living room to relax in.

Bring In A Statement Piece

A boho chic styled living room with a a white sofa and a white chair with a wooden frame. A round coffee table that has concrete and gold vases. Lots of blues and pinks in fabrics and artwork in the room.


The beautiful cabinet in the corner of the room is a great statement piece for this room. It fills the space while being functional in the room for storage needs. The gallery wall above the statement piece finishes off the space while using the same colors that bring it into the rest of the room.

Paint an Accent Wall

Boho Chic Styled Living Room with a yellow sofa, brightly colored rug, a black circular table, a wicker chair, and a gallery wall on a teal wall.


If you can paint a wall a beautiful and bright accent color is a great way to tie your room together. An accent wall can actually make a small space feel larger. I like how this room has a more minimalist look that doesn’t look minimalist because of the beautiful patterns that are used. 

Find Interesting Lighting Fixtures

A bohemian styled living space with unique open storage, a fuzzy rug, geometric patterns, and every color of the rainbow.


The hanging lamps in this living room are perfect. They are interesting and eclectic while not being the highlight of the room. Eclectic lighting is a must have in a boho chic room so keep your eyes open for a good find.

Use Mid Century Style Furniture

Mid century style furniture mixed with bohemian patterns in poofs, pillows, and rugs. The grey couch is paired with a white round coffee table and two emerald green chairs with gold stands.


Bohemian chic decor likes straight line furniture and instead of going modern using mid century style furniture is a great way to add those lines. It’s also a great way to add unique pieces that make a room even more interesting.

Boho Chic Style Living Rooms

I absolutely enjoy a well designed and decorated bohemian style living space. It’s often earthy and beautiful providing a great place to just get comfortable and relax for the evening.

Which room is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite decor boards.

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Bohemian Decor For Living Rooms - Boho Decor Ideas - Boho Chic Living Room Decor Ideas


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