12 Beautiful Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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Our lives can be hectic and busy with children, jobs, and responsibilities. Shouldn’t you and your spouse have a romantic bedroom to retreat to every night?

We all know that for many women our environment can be a determining factor in our – ahem – romantic feelings. By creating our own romantic retreat in the bedroom we can finally have a place to really relax and enjoy cozy time with our spouse.

I know for me it helps to have a well organized, clean, and comfortable space to relax in. It helps me to fall asleep more easily and when I just need time to myself I can always escape to my bedroom.

There are a few ways to achieve a more romantic and relaxing master bedroom and I’m sharing those in this post so you can have a relaxing room too.

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How To Make A Romantic Bedroom

Before I show you some of the best romantic bedroom ideas – let’s talk for a moment about what makes a bedroom romantic.

It Has To Be Comfortable

The master bedroom should be a retreat away from the responsibilities of adulthood. This should be the area that you are not “Mom” or “Employee.” Here you are just simply, you.

If your room isn’t a reflection of you and your spouse you will not be able to completely relax. If a specific style doesn’t fit with you, even a style that’s recommended here, don’t go with it.

Make sure you have comfortable furniture too. This even means your bed. If you’ve had your bed for awhile now and wake up to aches and pains in your knees or back, it’s probably time to get a more comfortable bed.

It Should Be Clutter Free

Nothing ruins a mood faster than stubbing your toe or stepping on some clutter in the bedroom. So get those floors cleaned up and get the extra clutter put away.

When the room is clean, the sheets are clean, the dressers don’t have sweaters or folded clothing sitting on them, and the floor is clear of dirty clothes or kids toys, this is when I can truly relax in my room.

Your Room Should Be About You Two

I had a friend once who was complaining to me about how she just hasn’t felt like she could get in the mood. So I talked to her about it and I asked her if I could see her bedroom.

The room was a celebration of their family. This is great but when you want to get frisky with your hubby and you see the 3 kids you’ve popped out laughing in a picture frame on your nightstand it can be a mood killer.

So I helped her take all the family photos out of the room and hang them elsewhere in her house. We cleared out some of the clutter.

Finally, we put in photos from their honeymoon, from when they were dating, and even from a recent vacation they took together.

These small adjustments helped my friend find her romantic side again and made it easier for her to get in the mood.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Below I am giving you a couple of things that you can add or decorate your bedroom with to turn it into a romantic getaway. I don’t recommend doing all of these things, just pick a few of the decor ideas.

Remember, a romantic bedroom should be comfortable for you and your spouse so try to get them involved too.

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Creating a Canopy

Adding a canopy over your bed is like adding an instant romantic feel to your entire bedroom. I have 4 different ways to create a canopy over your bed to fit your romantic bedroom style.

Canopy Behind Headboard

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

This is a great way to achieve a canopy look without completely surrounding your bed with sheers. It’s easy to recreate too.

You will need two curtain rods and a couple of sheers. First you attach a curtain rod to the ceiling at about the halfway point of your bed.

Then you will attach the second curtain rod to the ceiling at the head of the bed. You have two ways you can drape the sheer drapes.

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The easy way would be to swoop the drapes above the bed and simply tuck them above and behind the curtain rod at the head of the bed to let them drape behind the headboard.

The not so easy way would be to sew the drapes by hand wrapping the rod at the head of the bed. It all depends on if you would like to hide the rod or not.

The Embroidery Hoop Canopy

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

This particular canopy is an easy to achieve look that doesn’t break the bank. You need curtains or sheer curtains, a large embroidery hoop, a few hooks for the ceiling, and possibly fishing line.

First you unscrew the embroidery hook and hang the curtains on the hook. You can hang add a pair of curtains to drape them on either side of the bed or add an additional pair to drape behind your headboard too.

Next you will screw in a few hooks to the ceiling placing them directly in the center and above the head of the bed. Tie fishing line to the hook and to the embroidery hoop to hang the canopy from the ceiling.

You can also hang the hoop directly from the hooks to bring the top of the canopy as close to the ceiling as possible.

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The Industrial Canopy

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

This look requires a bit more time, work, and tools. If you’re up for it though this gives your bed an awesome romantic look.

Measure your bed, consult someone at the hardware store and get some iron or copper pipes and fittings. You will screw the pipes together with the curtains and attach it to the ceiling over your bed.

Make sure you have an extra set of hands for this project.

I like that it gives the look of a four post bed without using a huge amount of space like an actual four post bed does.

The Complete Canopy

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

This is the ultimate canopy for your romantic bedroom. It virtually disappears against the ceiling and drapes down elegantly around your bed. You can find full details for this DIY here.

If you are going to attempt to do this DIY be sure that you measure ceiling to floor for your drape size first. Also make sure you have an extra set of hands to help.

The complete canopy look is fantastic with beach decor which means you get romance and relaxation all in one.

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Lighting Matters

When it comes to creating a romantic bedroom, lighting matters a lot. Too bright or too dark can ruin a romantic evening in seconds.

Let’s face it though, candles lit all over your room with clothing, bedding, drapes, and canopies doesn’t seem like the safest way to create mood lighting.

Nightstand Chandeliers

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

Two bedside lamps hung above nightstands can offer quite a bit of mood lighting. Use a lower wattage and warm white bulb for that extra bit of romanticism.

The Unique Chandelier

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

Hang a unique chandelier in the room and put it on a dimmer. This allows for you to style your room exactly how you want to, while still dimming the lights to set the mood.

The Crystal Chandelier


You can add a touch of richness and romance by adding a very traditional crystal chandelier. The light bounces off the crystals adding sparkle and setting the mood.

The Lighted Canopy

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

For the behind the headboard canopy consider attaching strands of lights to the wall and ceiling. This will add a soft touch of lighting to your romantic bedroom.

The Fairy Lights

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

Add fairy lights to netting above your bed and create an instant beautiful and romantic bedroom. The additional birch and branch really creates an outdoorsy retreat.

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Choose The Right Bedding

The right type of bedding can be all the difference in your room looking like your college dorm room to being a romantic retreat.

Throw pillows can be a great way to add extra comfort to a bed. Our natural inclination when we see a pillow is to lay down and get comfortable.

However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do throw pillows and bedding in your new romantic bedroom.

First, too many throw pillows and the bed disappears. Keep it to 3-5 throw pillows at most.

Second, be it you’re going for romantic or cozy your bedding will need to reflect that. Get good quality sheets to put on your bed and a thick duvet to provide extra comfort.

If your husband always complains about you stealing the bedding at night, go a size bigger on your flat sheet and duvet or get him his own extra blanket.

We honestly don’t want to steal the blankets. I promise there is no ulterior motive – it just happens when we roll. We like being blanket burritos because it’s cozy.

Add a Pop of Color

Here the pillows bring in splashes of pink and beige to a white room. It’s a soft blending of color to turn a beautiful bedroom into a romantic retreat.

Mix Textures

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

Try mixing patterns and textures in your pillows and bedding. Big fluffy pillows, with fuzzy soft pillows, and patterns like in the picture above creates an inviting and relaxing environment.

Haphazardly Making the Bed

How to Create A Romantic Retreat in your Bedroom

Unmaking the bed is fun, you know what I mean. So set the mood by not having a perfectly made bed.

Throw the pillows at the top of the bed and slightly straighten the bedding. Doing this keeps it low key and comfortable they way your home should feel.

Though I understand how a slightly messy room could spoil the mood for some people. Take it or leave it with this one.

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Romantic Bedroom Decor

The key to making any bedroom romantic is to remove the things that take away from that romance.

Keep pictures of family out of your bedroom. Nobody feels romantic with pictures of your parents or your kids in the room.

Install dimmers for your lighting and add soft or luxurious fabrics.

Romantic bedroom decor isn’t hard to achieve just think about what things make you feel comfortable or sexy and go with it.

With all of these romantic bedroom ideas I’m sure you have come up with just what your bedroom needs to spark a little romance in your life. Pick just a couple of these or add them slowly until your room is perfect.

Do you have tips to creating your own romantic retreat? Share them below. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this for later reference.

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12 thoughts on “12 Beautiful Romantic Bedroom Ideas”

  1. As a man I don’t understand the plethora of pillows. Couches are for sitting, sleeping, sex and hiding from Daleks. They are not for displaying pillows. Why display pillows when you have to move them to use the couch?

    Misunderstanding man

    1. We love the pillows because they are so prettyyy. Besides you might be able to confuse a Sontaran with a couch but a Dalek will exterminate both you and the couch anyways.

    2. I’m a woman and I never liked that many pillows on couch or bed either.
      1-2 for decoration are fine, not more than that. (Some extra pillows in the bed can be used for more than decor :))

  2. make bed, decorate with pillows, go to bed, take pillows off, repeat
    clean house, decorate couch with pillows, company comes, take pillows off, company leaves, decorate couch with pillows again, repeat
    during the day, straighten pillows on couch, kids play and watch tv, straighten pillows on couch, repeat
    a lot of time taking care of pillows

    1. I feel this way sometimes LOL especially with a hand-me-down, understaffed down feather couch. I fluff many times a day.
      Finally gave up and shoved some old blankets in there. It’s a little lumpy but less fluffing.

  3. I made the industrial canopy out of ceiling mounted industrial style curtain rods and sheers I got from IKEA. I used rings with clips so I can change out the curtains if I want. (Color, texture, or cat shredding). I also used battery operated string lights to hang where the curtains gather when open. It makes a soft, pretty light.

    1. I agree that they can be big dust collectors. If people want the look of a canopy I highly recommend making it easy to take down so it can be washed regularly.

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