9 Things To Clean To Keep Your Family Healthy

Cleaning Hacks For A Healthy Family - Cleaning Tricks For A Healthy Home - Cleaning Tips To Kill Germs

What if a couple of simple tasks could save you time, money, and improve the health of you and your family? Surprisingly most people are not cleaning these 9 things often enough and it’s costing them time off work, to lose or spend more money, and can greatly affect their health.

On the surface cleaning these items doesn’t seem like they could cause huge issues. Reading through each one I explain how keeping these items clean is important for you and your family.

Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Family Healthy

Things To Clean More Often

Most of these items are pretty easy to clean. While adding more chores to your list may seem overwhelming I promise these 9 tasks will not take long. I also give brief explanations on how to clean each of these items quickly.

Clean Your Computers

Living with a 20 year IT professional has really opened my eyes to how you can prolong the life of your computer with regular cleaning. When my husband first opened up my desktop he was shocked by what he saw.

It was at this point that I got a long and passionate lecture on the importance of keeping a computer clean. I’m not going to make you read through that lecture – instead I’ll give you the most important details.

Opening up your computer case and using compressed air to dust the inside of your case is important because it keeps your computer running well. If you let dust, pet hair, and other particles sit inside this case it will start to choke your computer.

When your computer chokes expensive parts can break and you could be forced to spend more money replacing them. Or – if you are like me and technically challenged – instead of replacing just the part that is broken, you will be convinced that you need to replace the whole thing.

Light Switches

Everybody in your home touches them. Your husband who has a sick coworker. You who couldn’t wipe the handle on the cart because there were no wipes left. Your children who have sick classmates.

Your light switches see a lot of hands and can hold a lot of germs. Cleaning your light switches often can help to make sure you stop the spread of germs and keep your family healthy.

There are two ways to effectively kill germs on your light switches. You can use the Lysol spray and spray all the light switches in your house. The other way is to take a rag or paper towel sprayed with all purpose cleaner and carefully clean your light switches.

Doing this once a week during cold and flu season can go a long way to keeping your family happy and healthy. Even during the summer months I do this at least once a month.

Door Knobs

Door knobs is another germ infested item in your home that needs to be cleaned often. Guests, you, your kids, and your husband come in contact with germs everyday.

Then they bring those germs home and touch all the door knobs. It is the one of the fastest ways to spread germs through your family.

Clean your door knobs in the same way that you would clean your light switches. Clean them at least once a week or more during cold and flu season.

Cabinet Handles

Between food, grease, sticky hands, and germs our cabinet handles see a lot of unsanitary action. Just like with light switches and door knobs your cabinet handles are holding germs.

Think about when you touch those handles too. Usually right before you are about to prepare food. The germs on those handles could be contaminating your food.

While we hope that all germs and bacteria cooks out of our food, some may not. Is it worth the risk to ourselves and our family?

9 Things Your Should Clean And Aren't

I recommend cleaning your cabinet handles in the same way you clean your door knobs. Clean them at least once a week or more to help prevent the spread of germs.

Appliance Handles

I’m sure by now I have caused you to feel like your house is a germ factory and you are getting super paranoid. While it’s not my full intention to do this there is two more spots that are collectors of germs.

Your appliance handles on your fridge, stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer are all touched often with little germs. Clean these with all purpose cleaner and keep your family and food safe from contamination.

There is one more germ infested area and I’m sure this one will surprise you a bit.


Your coffee maker button, toaster button, Instant Pot buttons, oven buttons, microwave buttons, computer buttons, TV buttons, and every other button in your life. All of them hold germs and need to be cleaned.

Take a rag or paper towel sprayed with all purpose cleaner and wipe down all the buttons in your home. Between food on fingers, grease from your kitchen, and germs these little buttons can actually get extremely dirty.

Sometimes it helps to unplug the machine you are cleaning so you don’t turn them on and off repeatedly.

Add this to your weekly chore chart to combat grease and germs and to make your deep cleaning chores a lot easier.


It’s easy to remember to clean things that are at eye level but what about the things that aren’t? Specifically your baseboards. Allergens, hair, dust, and dirt all collect at our baseboards.

If you have a child they are a lot closer to those baseboards a lot more than you are. So keeping those baseboards clean is extremely important. Luckily this isn’t something that needs to be done often.

About once a month or once every couple of months depending on if you have pets you’ll want to clean up those baseboards. Use your vacuum to get rid of dust, hair, and other allergens near the baseboard.

Then take a magic eraser or a mild cleaner and rag to wipe up any stains or mud that’s on your baseboards.

Cleaning your baseboards once every couple of months can help keep allergies at bay so your family can breath better.


You’d be surprised to know just how dirty your walls can actually get. Between food splashes, water splashes, finger prints, and crayon, walls can get pretty dirty.

Cleaning them once a month helps to make your home look cleaner. It also helps to keep you from needing to buy and paint your home.

Cleaning your walls is pretty easy. A rag and some mild cleaner works just fine. I personally prefer using as magic eraser to clean our walls. However, you might want to test this in an inconspicuous location first to make sure it doesn’t remove paint.


Dusty blinds can affect indoor air quality so you will want to make sure that they get dusted at least once a month.

Another reason to dust your blinds is because if they get wet that dust turns to mud and can stain your blinds. Dusting them often means you don’t need to wash them by hand as much.

Save Time And Money By Cleaning These 9 Things

There are a couple of ways to dust your blinds. The swiffer hand duster works just fine. You can also try this technique with a cheap set of tongs.

Make Your Home Healthy

Stop the spread of germs, keep your computer lasting long, and keep your blinds looking like new by adding these small tasks to your cleaning schedule.

Keeping your family healthy saves you time you would lose and the money you might lose in taking time off to care for them. Clean the most touched surfaces of your home, door knobs and handles, often to stay healthy.

What are some things you do to keep your family healthy? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite cleaning boards.

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Cleaning Hacks For A Healthy Family - Cleaning Tricks For A Healthy Home - Cleaning Tips To Kill Germs


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