How To Deep Clean Your Fridge

Cleaning Tips To Deep Clean Your Fridge - Clean Fridge Tips and Hacks - Deep Clean Your Fridge To Keep It Free From Smells And Germs

For an appliance that stores our food it’s also a hoarding spot for all sorts of bacteria. Today I am teaching you how to deep clean your fridge so you can keep your food and family safe from food-borne bacteria.

Why To Clean Your Fridge

No matter how careful we are about keeping our food in ziplock containers and bags, your fridge can still be a breeding ground for bacteria. This is why it’s important to make sure you clean your fridge.

Additionally, little spills of drinks or food can leave your fridge smelling horrible. By deep cleaning your fridge you can kill bad smells and bacteria to keep your food and family safe.

Cleaners and Equipment

I recommend using a clean rag, paper towels, and dish soap to clean your fridge. While many people swear by bleach or other cleaning chemicals dish soap is one of the safer things you can use. It also works tough on stains and stuck on food.

I usually just fill my sink with hot soapy water for this, however, you can use a bucket if your fridge is further away from your skin. This will also help to keep your skin free from harsh chemicals.

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Clean Out Old Leftovers

The first step to clean your fridge is to pull any old leftovers out and throw them away. This will help you later in the cleaning process for not having as much to remove from your fridge.

Throw Out Expired Food

Check the expiration dates on all of your food and condiments. Throw out anything that is expired and add anything you need to your grocery shopping list. This keeps you and your family from accidentally consuming expired goods.

Empty Out Your Fridge

If you want to make sure you keep your food safe stick a couple of cold packs in a cooler chest and empty out the food in your fridge into the cooler. I’m pretty quick with this so I just put it all on my counter.

I try to make sure I do this before I go grocery shopping when my fridge is already mostly empty anyways. It’s a pain to have to empty out a fridge that is completely stocked.

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Start At The Top

Start on the top shelves first and work your way down to the bottom of the fridge. Any shelves you can pull out do so and give them a good scrubbing on your countertop or table. This will save your back while cleaning. Soak up as much of the water as you can and wipe the shelves with dry paper towel.

Pull Out The Shelving and Drawers If You Can

Pull out drawers and shelving so that you can clean everything inside and make sure you aren’t missing any stuck on gunk. This will also make sure you get the crevices on the sides of the shelving as well.

Make Sure You Get The Sides Too

Scrub down the sides of your fridge too. The water will pool at the bottom of your fridge so make sure you are soaking up as you scrub. This will help to loosen any stuck on spills that may be there too.

Put It Back Together

Once you have dried out your fridge put your shelving and drawers back. You can load the fridge back with all your food too.

Why Not To Use Contact Paper

Some people recommend using contact paper inside your fridge. Here’s the problem. Kids don’t always clean up little spills in the fridge. If the contact paper gets sticky soda or juice spilled on it and it congeals because you didn’t notice it it’s going to be a bit of a pain getting all the contact paper off your shelving.

It’s easier, better for the environment, and cheaper to just clean your fridge semi regularly.

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Dust The Top

After everything is back in your fridge make sure you dust the top of your fridge. I use a damp cloth to dust the top of my fridge so that I collect the dust instead of just move it into the air or onto my floors or countertops.

Sanitize the Doors

Now you want to actually sanitize the doors and handles of your fridge. Use an all purpose cleaner or a bleach hot water mix, whatever suits your liking. I personally don’t like using bleach on anything I prefer an all purpose cleaner like Lysol.

Scrub the handles and the doors of your fridge to make sure you are cleaning any germs that can spread around your family.

How Often To Clean Your Fridge

I clean my fridge like this about once every 2 months. In between cleanings I will sanitize the doors and do quick wipes of any spills inside the fridge. This helps to keep it cleaner longer. Make sure you sanitize the doors of your fridge the moment sickness strikes your house and often to make sure it doesn’t spread to other family members.

Do you have any tips for deep cleaning your fridge? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your cleaning boards.

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Cleaning Tips To Deep Clean Your Fridge - Clean Fridge Tips and Hacks - Deep Clean Your Fridge To Keep It Free From Smells And Germs


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