Cargo Shorts Are Sexy and Other Things We Love About Basic Dads


Recently Dude Dad released a video about the journey to become a basic dad and it went sort of viral. Of course I shared this video. The following is the conversation that took place between my husband and I a day or two later when he finally saw it.

“I feel attacked!” Rob says.


“Am I a basic dad?” Rob asks.

“Yes, dear.” The gasp Rob released sounded exactly like the one released when a favorite celebrity dies.

“Hun,” I explain, “You’ve always been a basic dad and I happen to think it’s sexy.”

“I don’t believe you,” He says.

“Has your clothing style changed at all since we first started dating?” I ask.

“Not much,” he says.

“How long ago did you start yelling about your lawn?”

“Around 30,” he says.

“So several years before we met, right. And who laughs at your dad jokes?” I ask.

“You do,” he says with a bit of realization.

“Being a basic dad is sexy.” I say to which he leaves my office feeling less attacked and more loved.

The truth is I actually love the transformation to basic dad. There is a time period in the dad journey when they still wear the same clothes that they wore pre dad but when they get their first pair of cargo shorts it’s all over. This is the start to the basic dad transformation and it’s freaking sexy.

Cargo Shorts 

Am I just jealous about the abundance of pockets in cargo shorts that women don’t have in our clothes? Probably but it doesn’t stop there. I absolutely love the look of cargo shorts on men.

When a man wears cargo shorts it basically says, “I have my shit together.” Kid finds a cool rock, dad has a pocket for that. Kid needs dad to hold his cup, dad has a pocket for that. Need your husband to hold your keys, phone, and wallet so you don’t need to carry your purse, he’s got a pocket for that.

Also, I don’t know what it is but Cargo pants do to men’s butts what jeans do for women. They look perkier and rounder. 

Right now I’m visualizing men reading this and standing up to stick their butt out because they are wearing cargo shorts. It’s weirdly amazing and I hope it actually happens.

man sitting on a rock at the beach with his family in the background

Dad Jokes

I love dad jokes. I’m actually a sucker for dad jokes. We aren’t supposed to love these things but we actually do. 

“Hi hungry, I’m Dad.” 

It gets me every time. Telling dad jokes is a form of entertainment in our house. It’s such a common occurrence that I’ve started telling mom jokes. Our poor son has to deal with this for the rest of our lives. 

Sorry kid, but dad jokes are a thing and you will one day start telling them yourself.

Rough Housing With The Kids

I am an anxious mother. I have anxiety and even though I have literally seen my child fall, run, and do things that should have hurt more than they did, rough housing makes me nervous. 

Yet still when a dad swings, tickles, chases, and does jungle gym like activities with their kid, it’s just sexy. It’s adorable and cute to watch even though my heart wants to beat out of my chest with every flip, toss, and mock wrestling move that takes place.

The cutest part is what happens when the rough housing is done. My son will often climb into my husband’s lap and snuggle in. It’s just the cutest thing ever and I love it.

The Tinkering

Basic dads are master tinkerers. This doesn’t mean that every basic dad tinkers in the same way or on the same types of things. For instance, my husband is a computer tinkerer. 

Every couple of months he makes a decision to purchase a new part for our computers. He then takes some time moving parts around between the three computers in our home. Sometimes it’s not parts but switching up his desktop – we use Linux so this happens often. 

My husband likes to tinker with tech. Tech is a bit expensive but to be honest, it’s really sexy when he gets his super serious expression on his face and starts tinkering. It’s just perfect.

The Way They Cook – When They Cook

A man in front of a grill doing the tong test by clicking it exactly three times before every use is incredibly sexy. Man makes fire and cooks for family. Whole family praises the man for a job well done. The proud smile the basic dad exhibits after a successful meal is truly sexy.

I know women don’t typically get praised for cooking dinner, I do though, so I recognize how sexy it is when the hubby cooks. If your hubby isn’t praising you for cooking dinner you can show him this. Attention hubby of readers, praise them now! They are a goddess living in your home and they deserve all the praise. 

The basic dad taking over the food prep and cooking is just insanely sexy because I can just sit back and watch. Also, it gives me the time I need to have a conversation with him because he’s occupied in a way that he can just talk and cook.

The Basic Dad’s Attempt At Housekeeping

Basic dad’s everywhere have learned that housekeeping is the way to a woman’s heart. For millennial moms we couldn’t care less about the clothes being folded wrong, the lines from the vacuum not being straight, or the dishwasher being overloaded. It’s still sexy as hell.

Here’s the thing, this is more true for those of us who have acts of service as a love language. It actually makes me feel loved when Rob cleans the house in some way shape or form. Even if it’s not done quite the way I do it, it’s still done and that’s what matters.

Man wearing cargo shorts and mopping

Finally, The Basic Dad Bod

There are many different types of Basic Dad Bod but they are all sexy. It’s a bit of strength and softness in a sexy blend that makes it perfect for helping in opening jars that are closed too tightly and cuddling up with at the end of the day. Basic Dad Bod is sexy.

Sure I like looking at Chris Hemsworth looking like a god, but Chris Hemsworth as the dude version of Thor was actually pretty hot. Maybe not the slob part but the body part was hot. Especially in the end fight scene with the braided beard and the lightning, mmmmm.

Let Me Be Clear Though

Just because there are things about basic dads that I think are sexy and hot, there are still some things the basic dads do that they need to stop and I’ve got those covered here.

Please just wear short socks instead of long socks. Unless you are planning on hiking through the woods there is no reason – outside of health – to wear long socks that basically come up to your knees all summer long. Not to mention, that tan line is most definitely not sexy.

Also, the cell phone holder clipped to your belt. Stop, you have 10 million pockets in those cargo shorts. I’m already jealous of those pockets but then you turn around and clip this big square case to your pants. Stop that!

Socks with sandals. Just no. This will instantly put me in the baggiest most stained flannel pajamas I can find in a clear effort to say, “not tonight, I have a headache.” 

The Basic Dad Is Sexy

Is every woman going to fawn over the basic dad look as sexy? Probably not. There are going to be women who don’t agree with this. 

I just felt like basic dad’s everywhere should know that there are women out there who think you are sexy. We enjoy the cute way you rough house with the kids, the way you store things in your million pocket cargo pants, and the way you tinker around the house.

Basic Dad’s keep doing your thing and be proud of that basic dad life. 

What’s your favorite part about basic dads? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and share this with other moms who find basic dads to be sexy.

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