10 Easy Things To Clean To Make Your Home Feel Cleaner

Cleaning List For The Home - Cleaning Tips for a Cleaner Home - Things to Clean In Your Home

Even if the dishes are done, the laundry is caught up, and the floors are clean, your house may still be looking a bit stale. I’ve been there and when I started examining the real reason why my house still looked dirty, I knew I should share the reasons here. These are the things you need to clean to make your home feel cleaner.

Before we get started, understand I am a homeschooling, self employed, mom of one child. I have anxiety and depression. My house does not get cleaned daily and it very rarely actually looks perfect.

In fact right now I have dishes in the sink, laundry that needs folded, and a bathroom that needs a wipe down. I’ll get to that all a little later today after my motivation to write subsides a bit.

I work best basing my day around my motivation levels. So if I’m motivated to work everything else can wait. If I’m motivated to exercise, everything else can wait. The same goes for cleaning, reading, and gaming.

If you are the same way then this post is for you. Reason being, I keep these items in my head at all times. Then when I’m doing my regular cleaning I may just glance at these items and do a quick cleaning of them.

I don’t add these to a list, they are just a part of my regular cleaning routine. For anyone who has kids or pets in their homes you will probably notice you are cleaning these items a lot more often.

Let’s dive in.

person cleaning a window with rag and window cleaner

Room Entryways

We have arched entryways to our living room and dining area – that is currently a workout room. You would not believe how dirty the wall gets and you don’t notice it until you actually look at it. 

Your room entryways could be trim, doors, or archways and if you look at the wall surrounding it you may notice little dirty patches. This happens from kids, pets rubbing against the wall, or even you or your spouse touching the wall as you round a corner.

Most of the time this comes clean easily with just a rag and warm water. For more stubborn dirt marks you can use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Cabinet Doors and Appliance Fronts

The cabinets at eye level likely stay cleaner in your home than those closer to the floor. The ones closer to the floor get dirty due to food, pets, and kids. So after you are done washing your dishes take your dish cloth and give those cabinets a wipe down quickly.

Also take a look at your handles and fronts on all your appliances. Give them a quick wipe down too. 

This is not only going to make your home feel cleaner, it’s also going to help get rid of germs that might be hiding on frequently used surfaces.

Light Switches

Another place where germs might be hiding is your light switches. Give these a wipe down every time you are cleaning up a room. It removes the dirt and germs and makes your house feel a lot cleaner. 

As always, be careful when cleaning electrical switches. You don’t want to use a wet rag but a slightly damp rag that doesn’t release any water works well too.


Your computer holds dust, allergens, food particles, dirt, and grime so it should be cleaned fairly often. Remove filters and blow the dust out, remove the side of the computer case and blow out the inside. 

DO NOT use any rags or anything to clean out your computer. Electrical charges or dampness from a rag could short out your power supply and make it so your computer doesn’t turn back on.

Always use either compressed air or a data vac to clean out dust from your computer.

If you have a tempered glass side panel you can wash that away from the computer with a glass cleaner and a microfiber towel.

Along with the actual computer you can clean your monitors and keyboard too. Use glass cleaner on a microfiber towel then wipe down your monitors to remove dust, spots, and fingerprints. Use the DataVac or compressed air to blow out dust, hair, and food particles from your keyboard.

I personally use a keycap remover for my mechanical keyboard and clean each key every season. This helps to keep germs at bay and keeps my keyboard working well.

Desks, Counters, and Tables

Clean up those clutter piles off of your desk, counters, or tables. You know the junk mail that ends up on your entryway table, or the stack of bills on your desk. 

Cleaning these piles and putting them all away helps to make your room feel so much cleaner and organized.

Once you have these piles all cleaned up give these surfaces a good dusting or wipe down to get rid of fingerprints and dust.

stack of papers


Lamp shades can hold a lot of dust, so when you are vacuuming your house or dusting, make sure to dust those shades off too. Give the base a good dusting also to remove fingerprints.

Nightstands and Dressers

My husband’s nightstand is completely empty, mine however has tablets, lotions, deodorant, and loads of other things inside of it. It also collects items that don’t belong like hair ties and clips.

Our dresser tops are the same way, if I don’t feel like hanging up clothes I often throw them on top of my dresser until I get to it. Other things like make up bags, outgrown clothes from my kid, and notepads also end up on our dresser tops.

Cleaning off these dressers and nightstands instantly make our room feel cleaner. Putting everything away where it belongs, giving them a good dusting, and repositioning some of our decor items just really makes the room feel clean and beautiful.


This could be as simple as using a vacuum attachment to clean off dust and hair or it could be a full on scrubbing of your baseboards with soap and water. I recommend doing a deep cleaning of baseboards during your Spring and Fall cleaning only then doing spot cleaning as needed.

So when you are vacuuming your home take a quick glance at your baseboards and see if they could use a quick dusting or vacuuming.

Curtains and Blinds

I have a cat so the bottoms of my curtains will often end up with clumps of cat hair all over them. When I vacuum my living room I often use the extension to give the curtains a quick vacuum.

About twice a year though I will remove my curtains and actually wash them. This is typically done at the same time that I do a deep clean of my blinds. I remove the blinds and wash them in the bathtub. This gets all the grime, dust, and fingerprints off the blinds.

Blankets and Pillows

I never understood pillow fluffing until recently, however, it actually does make the room look cleaner and more inviting. I usually grab the pillow and shake it a bit then straighten it out. Once it’s on the sofa I give it a chop in the center to make that little indent.

Doing a loose drape of blankets on sofas or chairs also helps to make a room feel inviting. It’s less strict than folding blankets perfectly but doesn’t make the room look messy either.

green chair with white throw and white pillow

Make Your Home Feel Cleaner

There you have it, the 10 things I do that just make my home feel so much cleaner. These are all simplish things that you can add to your regular cleaning routine. Or if your house is already clean and you just want to spruce it up a bit more, run through this list real quick.

If you have a clutter issue, and don’t we all, this post helps you to better control that clutter easily.

Remember while I mention a few of the deep cleaning things I do with the curtains, blinds, and baseboards, those are really only done during Spring or Fall cleaning. The simple cleaning is all you are looking to do regularly or as needed.

What small cleaning tasks help to keep your home feeling cleaner? Let me know in the comments below. Follow us on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite cleaning tips boards.

Cleaning List For The Home - Cleaning Tips for a Cleaner Home - Things to Clean In Your Home


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