12 Unique Scandinavian Styled Rooms

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Scandinavian decor is a minimalist blend of modern design with natural elements. It focuses heavily on functionality of the pieces you do have in the home. Smart storage, cozy and natural textures, and clean lines make Scandinavian decor feel comfortable.

I first came across Scandinavian decor a few years ago and while I thought it was beautiful it wasn’t my first choice in decor. It’s grown on me though because I love the natural textures that get used in this decor.

My husband loves the minimalist and modern style of Scandinavian design and I’m not really shocked by that – this man loves spending hours in IKEA.

If you like IKEA type style and decor you will probably enjoy Scandinavian style decor as well. The functionality and unique storage options with IKEA style furniture is similar to Scandinavian style decor. Scandinavian style decor however, uses more natural wood and cozy natural fabrics than IKEA typically offers.

Scandinavian Style Rooms

Below I’ve separated examples and inspiration for Scandinavian design and decor into the rooms this decor is featured in. You’ll find design ideas for your kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Scandinavian Design in Kitchens

Below are some examples of Scandinavian design being used in kitchens. 

Reclaimed Wood And Rich Tones

A Scandinavian styled kitchen with recycled wood and raw edges.


This beautiful kitchen uses reclaimed wood in the cabinetry and with clean modern fixtures in the handles and faucets. The ceiling to floor cabinets offer functional storage that allow the kitchen to remain minimalist and without clutter.

Natural Wood and Clean Lines

A scandinavian styled kitchen with natural wood tones and a white counter top.


The natural wood paired with the stark white counters and walls are perfect to reflect Scandinavian style decor.  It’s minimalist and clean while offering a unique to this kitchen type of style in the wood used. No other cabinets will have the exact same patterns that these have.

White Cabinets with Natural Wood Counters

A Scandinavian styled kitchen with white cabinets and natural wood tones in the countertop and island. Two small plants sit on the counters.


This kitchen is the best style for smaller kitchens that have just enough space for a small island. The white cabinets help to make the space look larger while the natural wood in the countertops and island add a softness to the stark white features.

Scandinavian Design in Living Rooms

Below are some of my favorite picks for Scandinavian Design in living rooms.

Keep It Simple 

A Scandinavian styled living room with minimalist artwork and lighting, a simple modern white sofa, a small geometric coffee table, and a plant in the corner.


When it comes to Scandinavian decor you want to keep it super simplistic. Soft colors, plenty of fabric, with modern elements of design like in this living room is perfect. It’s a great minimalist look.

Add Color To Your Design

A Scandinavian style living room that uses lots of soft dusty pinks and earthy tones


So far we’ve seen a lot of natural wood and white as the color palette, this room shows how to use color in Scandinavian decor. The earthy pink, gold, and taupe, is a great color palette for minimalist rooms.

A Splash Of Color

A Scandinavian styled living room with a modern natural wood chair with teal cushions, a grey modern sofa, and a raw edge tree trunk end table.


This room is a great example of Scandinavian style decor. Clean lines, earthy elements, and comfortable fabrics blend into a beautiful design. I like the use of the darker teal in the chair and pillows. It’s a beautiful compliment to the earthy tones in the wood.

Blend Textures

A Scandinavian styled living room with a blend of soft and woven textures and minimalist and modern style furniture.


I love how there are natural fibers, soft wools, and furry pillows all blended into this living space. It’s a perfect way to add some softness to the crisp lines in the furniture and mirror. Then there are the earthy additions in the plants, the salt lamp, and the twig with the moon phases. It’s a truly delightful blending of design for the living room.

Scandinavian Style in Bedrooms

Scandinavian decor is perfect for bedrooms because it encourages the use of soft fabrics and textures.

Use Soft Fabrics

A Scandinavian styled bedroom with soft white plush bedding and a faux fur rug.


The large crocheted blanket along with the furry rug on the floor add softness to the crisp lines and minimalist style. You want your bedroom to have comfortable elements that make the room inviting.

Use Simple Designs

A Scandinavian styled bedroom with soft pinks and minimalist decor.


The leather straps with the wooden shelf is a wonderfully simplistic way to create a mock night stand. Paired with the hanging lightbulbs, and the framed pictures keeps the decor simple in design. It’s the textures that make your room more inviting.

Natural Wood and Natural Fabrics

A Scandinavian styled bedroom with whites and natural wood tones with minimalist designs.


This room is predominately decorated with cotton and natural wood accents. It’s a beautiful and simple blend that makes your room distraction free and comfortable.

Scandinavian Decor in Dining Rooms

Scandinavian decor is relatively easy to pull off in your dining room because it’s typically already one of the more minimalist rooms in your home.

Mix Up Your Chairs

A Scandinavian styled dining room with mis-matched black and white chairs and a natural wood toned table.


Using a simple blend of modern chairs with crisp lines is a great way to add a bit of a unique touch to your dining room. I like how in this room they added soft seating to some of the chairs to add texture.

Fit Your Furniture To The Space

A Scandinavian styled eat in kitchen with white cabinets and white subway tile and a minimalist design.


Oftentimes we make the mistake of trying to fit the furniture in a given space instead of fitting furniture to a space. This eat in kitchen has the perfect small table to keep with the minimalist feel. Fitting furniture to your space is always easier than trying to make a small space fit more than it needs.

Use The Right Size Rug

A Scandinavian styled dining room with a large rug and a raw edge large dining table with 3 chairs on either side.


Unlike with bohemian decor where you mix and match or layer your rugs, and unlike minimalist decor that doesn’t include rugs, Scandinavian style decor uses big soft rugs with a minimalist design. In this room the large room helps to fill the space and complete it.

Scandinavian Style Decor

Scandinavian decor is perfect for minimalists who still want a bit of style in their rooms. It blends clean lines with soft textures and natural wood tones. It’s the perfect blend of softness in with modern decor.

Which room is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite home decor boards.

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Boho Modern Decor Styles - Scandinavian Style Decor - Minimalist Modern Decor


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