6 Smart Ways To Save Loads Of Money On Clothes


There are many things that can lead to a need for a new wardrobe. Be it a new job, weight loss, or just the fact that some outfits are older than your child. The cost of updating your wardrobe though doesn’t have to be expensive.

Over the last few years I have spent very little on new clothing for myself. Most of this due to the fact that because I worked at home I didn’t need new clothing.

However, as our lives change, as clothes grow frail through continued use, it’s time to update my wardrobe.

Ways To Save Money On Clothes

I thought now is the perfect time to write a post sharing some of my biggest secrets to saving money on clothes. Over the years I have learned a few tricks to making clothes last, repairing and tailoring clothes, and finding the best deals on clothes.

Buy From Thrift Stores

If you absolutely need to buy clothes check thrift stores first. Of course if your thrift stores lack the styles you like consider using ThredUp for your thrift store shopping.

I absolutely love ThredUp. Not only do they carry all sorts of sizes and styles but they have designer brands and even new clothing that’s never been worn.

Woman shopping for new clothes

I have found designer clothes for as little as $5. Additionally, you can check back often for new items that have been added.

As I have been losing weight with our plant based diet ThredUp has been a huge help in finding clothes that fit for cheap. As I continue to lose weight I don’t have to spend loads of money on the clothes that I will wear from the starting weight to the goal weight.

Sell What You Don’t Wear

The best part about ThredUp is you can sell your old gently used designer items to them for cash or credit. This means you can get some extra money to spend on new clothes.

By selling your old clothes you can increase the budget on your new wardrobe or simply offset the cost of new clothes.

I have often sold old clothes I don’t wear anymore. This is a great way to declutter your closet and make a bit of extra cash.

ThredUp is one of the easiest ways to sell your old clothes because it’s as simple as loading up a bag and dropping it off at the post office. You can find their huge list of accepted brand name items here.

Shop Out Of Season

Consider shopping out of season for your clothes. Check the clearance racks for some amazing deals on last season clothes.

While you’ll be about 3 seasons ahead in planning out your wardrobe if you pick the right types of items you can start wearing them right away.

Woman clothes shopping at a sales rack

Buy solid color clothes to wear spring clothes through summer and fall. Pair short sleeve or lightweight tops with cardigans and sweaters to wear a summer or fall shirt through winter.

Do Your Own Repairs and Tailoring

If there is one thing that I’ve learned through the years of needing to save money on clothes it’s to learn how to do your own repairs and tailoring.

Fixing a hole is much cheaper than buying a new shirt. Likewise, turning a pair of pants into capris is cheaper than buying a new pair of capris.

If you’ve recently lost weight and your favorite pair of jeans no longer fits you can easily tailor them to fit you. Check out the tutorial here.

Care For The Clothes You Do Have

It’s important to care for the clothes you do have so that they last longer. This means following the care instructions on the tag and hanging clothes to dry instead of using a dryer.

Wash clothes with like colors and use a gentle detergent to stop colors from fading. Turn jeans inside out when you wash them to prevent fading and wear.

Fix small holes quickly before they grow larger to keep your clothes wearable longer too.

Caring properly for your clothes can make them last much longer cutting the total cost of buying new clothes.

Add Clothing Costs To Your Budget

Add clothing costs to your normal budget. By taking out money each week for new clothes you are less likely to have unexpected clothing costs.

Woman standing in front of a rack of clothing

Be it $5 or $10 put aside each week you can afford to buy a couple new pieces of wardrobe each month or update for a whole season at a time.

Save Money On Clothes

Updating a wardrobe does not need to be expensive. By shopping smart, selling what you don’t wear, shopping clearance, doing your own repairs and tailoring, and budgeting properly, you can update your wardrobe for cheap.

Remember, do your clothes shopping at ThredUp to save money on new, gently used, and designer clothes. You can also sell your gently used designer clothes to them to add a little more money to your clothing budget.

How do you save money when shopping for clothes? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your money or fashion boards.

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