5 Ways To Pull Off Industrial Farmhouse Decor

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Industrial farmhouse decor is absolutely beautiful when done correctly. However, often times industrial decor can feel hard and cold making it a not so great choice for your home. That is until now.

When Rob and I were looking at decor options for our home I loved the cozy clean look of modern farmhouse decor. Meanwhile, Rob liked a more warm look with lots of medium wood tones. As a compromise we settled on an industrial decor.

The problem still remained that industrial decor didn’t have a cozy feel to it. So I started looking for ways to add touches of warmth to the decor.

What I found was small touches of farmhouse decor worked really well with industrial decor when it’s done right. I started looking through Pinterest to put together a collage of ideas that would look great. This post is what I found works well to make industrial decor feel cozy.

Adding Touches Of Modern Farmhouse Decor

I figured out that I could make the industrial decor my husband really liked feel cozy if I added touches of modern farmhouse decor. However, in order to keep the two from clashing I had to be careful about what accessories I use.

Farmhouse decor has a lot of whitewashed woods with galvanized metal. Industrial decor is gritty with medium to dark wood tones and black metal finishes.

Burlap pillows with fun sayings are not going to blend well with the hard nature of industrial decor. However, plain burlap pillows, neutral toned blankets, and white washed picture frames could still blend fairly well with industrial decor. These things would add a softness to it in order to make the room feel comfortable.

Industrial Farmhouse Look

A well put together industrial farmhouse decor blends perfectly dark metal and dark toned woods with softer features and accents in your fabric choices.

Your wall colors should be neutral white, beige, or light grey. Exposed brick is a popular choice for walls with an industrial decor look.

If your house doesn’t have exposed brick you can DIY and fake it or try putting brick around a fireplace, or brick facing as a back splash behind your kitchen counters.

Another way to bring in an industrial look is to add the right types of lighting. Stay away from galvanized metal lighting fixtures because while they are popular in farmhouse decor they will clash with the darker gritty look of industrial decor.

Use wrought iron or black metal lighting fixtures like these. While gritty and dark, the lighting you choose plays an important part in your decor. If you want an industrial look that has soft features your lighting needs to play into industrial decor.

Finally, all large pieces of furniture should also be in industrial style. Stick with dark woods, black metal accents, and use a leather or dark colored fabric on sofas and chairs. Even a microfiber sofa can work with the right coloring – think dark grey, black, and dark chocolate browns.

Industrial Home Decor

Add Greenery

One way to make an industrial decor feel cozy is to add plenty of greenery. Use industrial style planters to keep with your
industrial style. These concrete square planters or these concrete geometric planters are perfect for industrial decor.

Adding plants to an industrial decor feels cozy because you are bringing the outdoors in. By using industrial styled pots you are keeping with the decor style while adding a bright pop of green.

How To Make Industrial Decor Feel Cozy - Add Greenery

I recommend putting them on floating shelves or pipe shelves in an area that gets plenty of natural light. Adding 3 or 5 potted plants to an industrial room will brighten what can oftentimes be a dark decor.

If you are horrible with keeping plants alive – like I am – try getting succulents instead. While still real plants, they take little water and need little care. Most are even safe for pets – just in case little fluffy cat decides to try to eat the plant.

Even a large plant or tree in the corner of the room can soften up the industrial look in your home. A potted rubber plant or snake plant work well in those unusable corners of the room. My personal favorite is the butterfly palm.

Check out my post Snag This Look Industrial Home Office.

Add Warm and Neutral Colors

Warm up a cold industrial look with oranges and browns. By adding warm tones in the form of pillows, throws, and artwork you can both brighten and warm up a cold metal decor.

How To Make Industrial Decor Feel Cozy - Add Warm Colors

Burgundy, red, and yellows are all warm colors but be careful using them in this type of decor. Too bright and it could take away from the softness you are looking for.

Likewise, neutral tans, beige, and gray can also add a softness to the hard lines and cold features of industrial decor. Find throws, seat cushions for metal chairs, and rugs in neutral colors.

Try mixing colors and fabrics at the store on a similar color sofa so you can get a feel for what it would look like in your home.

Add Soft Textures

Use throws, pillows, and soft rugs to make an industrial decor feel cozy. Soft neutral or warm toned throws will immediately make your room feel more comfortable.

How To Make Industrial Decor Feel Cozy - Add Soft Textures

Depending on the color palette of the room you may also be able to add a white or gray fuzzy throw rug to soften the harsh edges of industrial decor.

Likewise, adding soft white or beige sheer drapes to your windows can go a long way into adding some softness to your industrial decor.

Plain linen blends, chenille, cotton duck, canvas, and twill are perfect to soften up an industrial decor without taking away too much of the gritty nature of the decor.

Add A Gallery Wall

A beautiful gallery wall can instantly add comfort to your decor. Use untreated or rustic wood frames in medium tones or metal frames.

How To Make Industrial Decor Feel Cozy - Add a Gallery Wall

Mix pictures of family with a gear clock or a piece of modern art. Use different sizes and shapes to complete the gallery wall and make the industrial decor feel cozy.

Consider adding one or two pieces to the wall with a classic farmhouse white wash. These will help to soften the darker and more industrial pieces on the wall and blend nicely together.

Check out my post How to Create the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom.

Add mirrors

Mirrors will make the living space feel larger putting a plant or candles in front of the mirror will create the illusion of there being more softness in the room.

How To Make Industrial Decor Feel Cozy - Use Mirrors

Try also adding a mirror across from shelves of plants. If the mirror is framed in iron or wood the industrial feel will continue but the reflection of the plants on the opposite side will reflect the softer touches in your home.

Mirrors with metal frames will continue the industrial feel in your home. A dark wood frame will add just a touch of softness to your industrial decor. Finally, if you’re in an apartment with white walls, consider using a mirror with a white wash frame to add farmhouse softness while simultaneously making your small apartment room look larger.

Industrial Decorating

Something to consider when doing your industrial decorating is to check second hand shops and local upcycling shops. First, buying locally at small businesses is great to help support your local business owners. It puts food on their table and helps them keep a roof over their families head.

Additionally, you are more likely to find unique furniture, pictures, artwork, and fabrics that no one else will have. You can create a space in your home that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

Consider buying fabric to make your own pillows and throws too. This will open up the possibilities of finding the exact softer touches you want to add to your room.

Industrial decorating isn’t hard and keep updated pictures of your rooms as you decorate them on your phone. This way when you are out and about if you spot something you think might work in your room you can see your current set up easily on your phone as an extra measure. This will also help you to save money during the redecorating and possible extra trips to return things that just won’t work well in your decor.

Industrial Room Decor

If this style intrigues you and you think you might want to try it out, do so in just one room of your home. Try it in an office or dining room first and see if you like it.

You can easily change it to a farmhouse or modern look if the industrial look doesn’t really work for your family. Or you can expand the look into other areas of the home slowly over the course of a year or so in order to keep the redecorating budget low.

Create inspiration boards for each room as you update to the industrial farmhouse decor. This will help you to stay on track when shopping for your new look. Keep pictures of your inspiration board on your phone so you can reference it while you are out and about too.

Final Thoughts

Making an industrial decor feel cozy is absolutely possible. However, be careful in how many small touches you add. Add too much and you will lose the industrial decor and end up with a traditional farmhouse look.

Pick 1 or 2 of these touches to add to each living space. In an office try soft textures and plants. In a living room a gallery wall and warm touches of color. In a kitchen or dining room add plants only. In hallways or bedrooms add mirrors or a gallery wall.

Have you made an industrial decor feel cozy? Let me know how you did it in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your home decor boards.

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